wo kann man die TSR kaufen?Where you can buy the TSR?Ou on peut acheter les TSR?
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EMEKO-Ing. office make the consulting to each interested person to select the different kinds of TSR. After the definition oft the tpe-number, you can order at FSM elektronik

Transformer switching relay, TSR, is the over-name for 4 differnt kinds of relays. From each Type there are any variations. They are declared by the last two numbers in the Type-number. In german the so called "Sondernummer ". ( Per Example: TSRL 221013XX.) These two extra numbers XX are not to find in the data sheets. They are declaired in a separately list, the so called "Sonderversionsliste ". This lists are to find under the rubric datasheets in each chapter for single or three phase transformers.

For single phase transformers, the TSRL or TSRLF is the best solution.

The TSRLF are particularly used to control an heating transformer on the primary side with pulse group packages without inrush current peaks. A standard Thyristor power controller failed for this task.

For true three phase transformers, such with the coils mounted on a 3 leg common iron core, upto a size of 5kVA are two  TSRL a good and cheap solution. For higher kva values are the TSRDF the best equipment.

To soft start of big sized medium voltage transformers in the no load state, a new inductive premagnetisation procedure is a cheap and powerfull solution.

Where you can buy the TSR?