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Manufacturer and Contractor: http://www.fsm.ag
4kVA car-Transformer produce no inrush currents, because he is connected with a Transformer-switching relay, TSRL, for currents until 32A. For higher currents than 32A, use a TSRLF together with a random switching Solid state relay. When needed also together with a bypasscontactor.

For single phase Transformers you can use two diffent types of Transformer Switching relays: TSRL and TSRLF.

TSRL means:
Transformer Switching Relay Low-cost. = all in one unit, thyrister is bridged internally, need no additional elements.

TSRLF means:
Transformer Switching relay Low-cost Fast-switching.   = Modul to control an external random switching solid state relay or a thyristor modul in the TSR manner. TSRLF can control en external bypass contactor. This is a TSRLF with Option: with control relay to switch an external Bypass contactor on and off, in the correct time window.

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