Vergleich von Einschaltstrombegrenzer, Dimmer und Trafoschaltrelais.comparison between Inrush Current Limiter and TSRComparaison entre limiteurs de courant d┬┤enclenchement et des TSR
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Comparision between some Inrush current limiters an a TSRL.

some different Inrush Current Limiters,they all cannot deal with voltage dips, and need a cool down time to ready for next switch on. A Tsr is short circuit proof, a standard inrush current limiter is not.
normal Inrush current limiters needs a cool down time between single switch on cycles. The cannot deal with voltage dips. A TSR can deal with both. He is short cirquit proof.
An inrush current limiter for 32Amps left, a Transformer switching relay for 32Amps right on the rail.
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