unechte oder zusammen-gesetzte Drehstromtrafos, die aus 3 Einphasen Trafos bestehen softstartenuntrue 3 phase Transformers, ( unit contending of 3 single Phase Transformers), softstarttransfos triphasé pas vraiment, composé au 3 transfos monophasé, demarrer en douce
Manufacturer and Contractor: http://www.fsm.ag

As an untrue or composed
3 phase transformer 

are called such Transformers, who content of 3 separate, single Phase Transformers, and where her Output is connected to a 3 Phase voltage grid.

Such untrue 3 Phase Transformers, can be softstarted with a TSRD or 3 single TSRL, when they are in a no load state. When this transformers are connected with a load, they can only  softstarted with 3 single TSRL, for single phase transformers.

three phase transformers softstart