Halogenbeleuchtungstrafos mit TSRL einschaltenTSRL for halogen light transformersTSRL pour eclairage Halogene
Manufacturer and Contractor: http://www.fsm.ag

Transformers for Halogen lights runs very hot. As an optimiced transformer and a TSRL he stays cool. See also papers in the chapter: "distributed papers."

Control and Power cabinet for a 3 step brightness control for a large swimming pool under water lighting.

Transformers for Halogen lights could be, together with a TSRL, very low lossy. In the best case can used a 3 time larger transformer then needed. He stays cool under full load of the lights, and can be fused with 1/3 of his nominal current, because the inrush is avoided. The  little bit higher no load losses can be neglected, because a toroid transformer has a 1000 times lower no load current than a welded EI core transformer.

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